I love design. I love its ability to create beautiful, well-made products and objects that inspire us, are resonant of the moment in which they’re created and which serve us well, while at the same time being timeless.

And I’ve come to most love design when it meets the needs of people – particularly people who can’t afford to have resources wasted – effectively and appropriately.

I started hoolie-hah recently when life seemed very bleak and I needed to recapture some of the curiosity and amusement that engaging with the simple things I love brings.

The name hoolie-hah probably should be spelt and pronounced “holly ha” – but most who have roots on the Cape Flats recognise it from their mothers or grandmothers as exclamations of wonder, delight and mischief.

My teenaged sons are at the age where they’re starting to appreciate vintage and second hand clothing and it’s a great way to consider an appreciation for things that last and don’t go out of fashion or cost the earth.

Through hoolie-hah I want to spread the word about local design and designers, and promote and trade in vintage, locally designed, handmade and second-hand homeware, furniture, clothing and accessories. It’s a dream I’ve had for a while, so I’ve decided to take the plunge.

My tagline for hoolie-hah the shop is “vintagelocalhandmadegorgeous and reloved. A contribution to sustainable design … stylishly.”

L xx