‘Removing the greyness from the soul of the city is the job of musicians, artists and poets.’


For young city-dweller Taryn Lewis these words that appear on a graffito in Woodstock by Ricky Lee Gordon speaks to the magic she finds in the street art around Cape Town.

Taryn been documenting the work of local graffiti artists ever since she glimpsed the image of a bird by Senyol on a Kloof Street wall six years ago.

Since then she’s tried to capture the work of local graffiti artists, “Falko, Rasty, Mak 1…,” the names roll off her tongue, “You can recognise their styles  and their messages are quite specific and political.”

This work has made her aware of the affect public art has on people and communities.  “Even more than the images, I’ve come to love the way they add beauty to places and make them better than they were,”

“Take Woodstock, for example, where graffiti can be found on many of the walls of derelict buildings; often when I stop to take pictures, people from the neighbourhood come up to me and ask if I am the artist. Theyíre keen to tell how much they like the work. ”

Faith 47’s depiction of two angels on gates in Woodstock is her favourite work.

images courtesy Taryn Lewis