to the City Bowl Market on Hope on Saturday morning …

I love urban markets – for their sights and smells and tastes and  sounds and the experience of buying fresh produce that is beautifully presented and available to sample. Maputo, Melbourne, Sao Paolo, Paris … my favourite memories are of markets and the feeling of being closer to people when you interact around the food and other products that they produce and sell.

So I’ve been keen to try the newest addition to Cape Town, the City Bowl Market on Hope. But being a rugby mom and having a number of busy Saturdays recently meant that this week was the first time I could pop in. Admittedly it was not much of a visit, a quick dash in after lunch time just to check it out and get some photos as I was desperate not to miss another week without seeing it.

It looks fabulous. Enough to ensure that I shall go back soon – especially for lunch as that West Coast Seafood potjie is calling me. The breads and cheeses, pickles and spices too and I think I will have to go there a few Saturdays to lunch ….

The prices seem pretty fabulous too. And although this was literally just a dash in to check it out, I could not leave without a box full of fruit and vegetables. (Though hint hint stallholders it would be nice to see more paper rather than plastic packaging?)

Yes I’d still like to see a local market at which I can do a weekly shop, with a wider range of cheeses, and the addition of fresh fish and seafood. And perhaps even some cold meets (a regular charcuterie)… but I think we’re getting there.

   The City Bowl Market is at 14 Hope St, Gardens, Cape Town and trades every Saturday between 9am and 2pm.