pic - Cape Town Fashion Council

Award-winning fashion designer of the Native range, a street wear brand suggestive of his love of sport and music, Craig Native says he strives for authenticity in his design and that he is strongly influenced by his typical “working class, Afrikaans ‘coloured’ household where there is a rich and complex urban culture that is uniquely African.”

Craig Native who has just shown at the Durban Fashion Extravaganza 2011 (2 – 4 June) takes on design in the city.

DESIGN IS … Being African, its hard not to be influenced by contemporary South African culture.  Be it politics, art, sport, I’m rooted in South African influences. Everyone seems to think they’re cool because they replicated a chair out of Wallpaper magazine . We’ve got enough going on in SA to be original.

Design is my life. It’s the unspoken catalyst to reaching people without bias or prejudice.

I LIVE … in Three anchor bay, Cape town where I have the most amazing view from my balcony looking out to the sea. It’s from the late 70s /early 80s. Bit kitsch, reminds me of old East Berlin flats.

ON MY WALLS … My favourite object at home is a wall hanging from an Ndebele artisan. Also, framed posters of two exhibitions from Copenhagen  and  a picture of Alexanderplatz subway station in Berlin.

I GET AROUND … I drive a Chrysler 2.4 limited edition

AT WORK … my style is eclectic and I work best surrounded by inspiring “off centre” imagery. I’m not a big fan of cubicle accountant style geometry.

FOR FUN … I like sport, dee-jaying and spending time with my family. I like Knead bakery for coffee and watch movies at home.  I’ve always like Savoy Cabbage and any sushi bar will do.

I LIKE CHILLING OUT … at home, listening to music. I deejay so playing music wherever is great. I also like the see and the Biscuit Mill and meeting friends in parks.

FOR PEOPLE WATCHING … I like Long and Kloof street  and Mzoli’s.

DESIGN LOVES ... I like anyone challenging norms

DESIGNERS … I love the new generation of unknown designers who have no poison-filled preconceptions of what is right and what is wrong.

DESIGNS ... I’m loving wood at the moment.

CAPE TOWN DESIGN … I love the kids who are mixing up there grandma’s closet with their own.

But in Cape Town there’s a lack of  “MIX BREDIE” of cultures in design.